Skinny White Woman

By Stasia Minkowsky
Chapter 2

I started dating Ryan only a month after Zao’s reading. He worked at the same bar that I worked at and in true stoner fashion, didn’t know that I worked there until I sat at his bar after my shift ended.

“Guinness,” I said as I sat down in front of him.
“The beer you have on tap?”
“I know where it is. I’ve just never had a woman ask me for one.”
“Well, that’s probably because you work in Scottsdale.”
“Good point,” he said as he turned around to pour my beer. “Do you come here often?”
“Just about every day,” I said as he looked at me curiously. “I work here.”
“I knew that,” he said confidently.
“No, you didn’t.”
“You just look so different out of uniform,” he grinned as he placed the beer in front of me.
“Are you always this smooth?”
“Can I have your phone number?”
My girlfriend elbowed me under the bar as he turned around to help another customer.
“Give it to him!” she whispered. “He’s cute!”
“Give me a break. He probably hits on every woman at this bar.”
“He looks like fun!”
“I don’t have a pen.”
“Here,” Ryan said as he tossed me a pen from across the bar while he continued mixing drinks. I looked up and our eyes caught. He had deep brown eyes and there was something familiar about him. I jotted my number down on a cocktail napkin and pushed it toward him.
“Aren’t you going to write your name?” my friend whispered harshly.
“If he can’t remember my name, he shouldn’t be calling me,” I whispered back.
“Are you playing games already?” she persisted.
“Jesus!” I sighed as I grabbed the cocktail napkin and messily wrote my name.
“Thank you!” she exclaimed.

Ryan never did call, but he flirted with me every time I walked up to the bar to pick up my drinks. He would tell me that he meant to call, but just never got around to it. I liked that about him. He didn’t appear to be desperate and he didn’t seem overly impressed by any of the women we worked with. Even the ones who were by all standards, considered ‘hot.’
“Do you want to sit with me?” he asked one day when the entire restaurant staff was present for a food tasting of the new menu.
“Sure,” I said as I sat at his table and one of the cocktail waitresses he knew from a previous restaurant joined us. She was the typical Scottsdale prototype. Freshly manicured nails, tan skin, large fake breasts, lots of make-up and hair extensions.
“Do you want a drink?” he asked me.
“Ryan!” the hot girl called out after him. “Get me one, too!”
“Get up and get it yourself!” he barked while he kept walking toward the soda fountain. I stifled my giggle as the hot girl pouted. There was something about this guy. When that night’s shift was almost over, he asked me the award winning question that sealed our fate.
“Do you smoke?”
“I’m having some people over after work for dinner. Do you wanna join us?”
I drove to his house and got high with him and his friends. They were in the middle of a heated video game and he paused it to grab a plate of food that he had kept warm for me in the kitchen.
“I hope you like chicken, mashed potatoes and corn?” he asked me almost shyly. We were standing alone in the kitchen and his entire confident demeanor had shifted to something almost boy-like.
“I do,” I said as he passed me the plate.
“You wanna try racing one of the cars?” he asked excitedly as we reentered the living room and he passed me the video control.
“I love car games,” I said as grabbed the control and sat on the couch with him.
“That is one cool chick!” his buddy shouted to Ryan from the recliner.
As I crashed the car against every wall imaginable, we all laughed hysterically and smoked more pot. When the night was over and Ryan walked me outside to my car, I knew that he wanted to kiss me. But the moment I really liked him was when he chose not to and said goodnight instead.
We started dating a week later when he picked me up on a Harley.
He had no idea how much I loved riding motorcycles and I decided against telling him about my little plan. I was going to move to Sedona and live in my car. If I was going to be a waitress, I might as well live somewhere beautiful. As much as I was turned off by the whole psychic-ville thing, there had to be someone authentic that I could learn from who didn’t want to sleep with me. I wasn’t having any luck finding my way to the reservation and maybe I wasn’t supposed to go there yet. It was one of the main reasons I



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